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Top 10 Emerging Diversity And Inclusion Companies - 2021

Organizations are growingly vying to revamp their diversity and inclusion strategies today to shape a more equal and inclusive workspace where employees feel appreciated and valued regardless of their diversities. From a mere compliance requirement that necessitates a specific ethical stance, diversity and inclusion initiatives are swiftly transitioning into business models that need to be certainly embraced. Equity has also entered this equation meantime, as organizations are being urged to function with a deeper level of transparency around board representation, harassment reporting, and other talent management practices.

The COVID-19 crisis and the subsequently evolving remote workforce are the trends that are impacting the DEI strategies immensely. For instance, the DEI teams are increasingly encompassing initiatives today to improve the mental health and well-being of employees. Even though organizations had a responsibility in supporting it before the pandemic, the hastened transition to a remote work model in the wake of the crisis has put a greater focus on ensuring that there are support systems in place to take care of the employees.

Meanwhile, as part of building diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, organizations are focusing on adopting more automated and equitable hiring systems. Such systems can eradicate the ‘human element’ of bias via leveraging leading-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and facilitate a hiring system inclusive-by-design. But the challenge there is to train these systems in ways that flag and remove bias within data sets in the first place.

At this juncture, there is a variety of emerging DEI consulting companies available in the market that cater to the different needs of organizations and DEI teams. To help them choose the company that best fits their requirement, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 emerging diversity and inclusion companies. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies – 2021.”

    Emerging Diversity And Inclusion Companies

  • Just Health Collective is a healthcare consulting and digital engagement platform serving professionals and organizations interested in accelerating belonging in health. It is a team of industry experts experienced in facilitating large-scale change initiatives, healthcare operations, finance, and organizational development. The company discovers hidden opportunities and passionately makes a case for why organizations must recognize and embrace their roles in deconstructing a healthcare system that has perpetuated injustice and led to inequities. It helps build an impartial system — giving employees a sense of inclusiveness, consumers a sense of trust, and everyone the opportunity to achieve good health

  • NLYB Solutions is a DEI coaching and strategy firm that crafts transformational strategies to help executives, teams, and organizations courageously navigate personal, professional, and organizational DEI journeys. The company is focused on helping executives transform into equitable and inclusive organizational leaders and shift their organizations into inclusive and equitable entities. NLYB Solutions helps individuals, as well as the executive teams, understand how they often unconsciously and unintentionally create barriers to DEI and maintain the status quo. The company coaches along with developing the right strategy to achieve organization-wide equity and inclusion

  • Philip Berry Associates offers unique DEI consulting services for clients’ teams to grow stronger together. Since its inception, Philip Berry Associates has been helping companies build a culture that fosters an understanding of each other and encourages the meeting of minds. Philip Berry Associates approaches DEI through the lens of developing global cross-cultural competencies, talent development, and leadership coaching. Such a systemic and holistic DEI strategy empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to transition to increased levels of effectiveness and impact from their current situation. With years of experience in executive coaching, team building, and global business development and DEI consulting, Philip Berry Associates has developed holistic strategies that approach talent management, personal branding, leadership training, and global diversity in a systematic manner.

  • Specializes in inclusive engagement and communications, including 1:1 coaching for individuals and business leaders, group coaching/facilitation and DEI strategy for organizations. Addressing the challenges with its three-pronged approach—communications, education, and engagement—to boosting the efficacy of DEI strategies is Georgia-based RedInk Enterprises. The company’s services include one-on-one coaching for individuals and C-suite executives, group facilitation programs, as well as DEI strategy development for organizations. We provide collaborative, transformational experiences to help ensure every individual is seen, heard, and respected, which drives the creation of an unyielding sense of belonging across an organization. what sets RedInk apart from its contemporaries is its team’s ability to listen to a client’s needs, thereby giving them the necessary space to highlight their experiences, which leads to a deeper understanding on how to prompt a change.

  • SRL educates its clients and helps them understand every nook and corner of diversity and inclusion. The company conducts meetings with stakeholders, provides informational webinars to a wide array of audiences, and holds one-on-one meetings to speak more intimately with the executives as well as the employees. Next, SRL identifies different operational and organizational areas that the subcontractors need to concentrate upon to comply with the project contract. SRL ensures that the winning firm meets the diversity goals of the project. They monitor the diversity firms' participation, ensure prompt payment, perform job-site interviews, review certified payroll and contract reports, host compliance training sessions and other outreach events, and perform Commercially Useful Function (CUF) reviews

  • Teleskope not only provides organizations cutting-edge tools and critical insights to manage all their employee programs, but it also aids them in putting DEI at the front and center of all such initiatives. The all-in-one platform has a comprehensive set of tailored and interconnected tools on that front to cater to all these DEI requirements. Teleskope’s employee resource group (ERG) management solution—Affinities—is one of them. Affinities is a SaaS solution for organizations to administer, analyze, and nurture the functioning of their ERGs. Along with Affinities, Teleskope puts forth two more cutting-edge solutions: Mentor Link and Office Raven. While Mentor Link delivers automated and intuitive mentorship programs for employees, Office Raven allows effortless management of internal communications throughout an organization

  • Good Works Consulting

    Good Works Consulting

    Success in People, Culture, and Talent, requires a healthy, equitable, and diverse ecosystem supporting and surrounding the core functioning of the organization. Good Works Consulting offers an unparalleled approach to organizational strategy and human capital consulting approach. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at their core. Good Works specializes in DEI Strategy and Assessment, Development and Learning, Leadership Coaching, and Inclusive Retained Search.

  • Fowlkes Consulting

    Fowlkes Consulting

    Fowlkes Consulting is an LGBTQ+ sensitivity and inclusion firm helping organizations in developing strategies for the facilitation of experiential trainings and workshops. The company provides an opportunity to consider the impacts both direct and indirect of failed (or simply non-existent) policies regarding the intentional sensitivity to and inclusion of both gender and sexual minorities. Fowlkes Consulting understands this challenge and provides bespoke consulting services to corporations, large organizations and government agencies. The company offers a specific workshop or training that their clients C-Suite executive wants to receive. If required, they go on-site and train their executive leadership team. This on-site option allows every member of leadership to obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to collaborate in a meaningful way and create the lasting change that is seek. The company empowers the clients to help conduct an assessment to their organization’s current LGBTQ+ Sensitivity and Inclusion efforts

  • The Folke Institute

    The Folke Institute

    The Folke Institute is a consulting, research, and training firm that develops, designs, and deploys Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs to help individuals and organizations acquire the skills and insights needed to achieve success in today’s global workplace. We envision a global community built upon respect for all and devoid of cultural biases. It embraces and celebrates egalitarianism—inclusivity, and equal access to services and opportunities, and the right to the pursuit of happiness and well-being for all peoples

  • Trinity Transition Consultants

    Trinity Transition Consultants

    Facilitators of personal and professional development, specializing in executive coaching, management training, and culture change initiatives. Our mission is to facilitate the development of socially responsible leaders who leverage their position in the workforce for the integrity and benefit of a global society. We specialize in executive coaching, management training, culture change initiatives, organizational philanthropic based morale, productivity improvement, and ethics training