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Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Today, businesses are leaning towards diversity and inclusion to build a better workplace for employees to grow and celebrate their lives. The realization has dawned upon companies that increasing diversity and inclusion within the workplace is not only good for society, it’s also good for business. In an inclusive culture, teams can work collectively to bring creative ideas to play and drive innovation. Besides, millennials will get drawn to such companies as the diverse, cared environment will enable them to fit in and stay for a longer time. Further, ethnically diverse companies can access markets and cater to a large group of customers.

To create consistency and scalability in people management, development, learning and education opportunities, companies are turning towards technologies to drive their diversion and inclusion initiatives. That said, technologies such as AI, and machine learning is innovating talent processes and helping companies understand employee sentiments and recognize patterns to foster meaningful relations between employees and management. Besides, Big Data is enabling organizations with insights, allowing them to implement better processes and ultimately change behaviours. Further, the advancements in technology have provided HRs with tools such as analytics to promote diversity and inclusion practices that will drive business performance.

With the new trends is set to wade in the market, companies need help to choose the appropriate service providers and consultants who can help them adopt the trends successfully. To help companies choose the right consulting and service partners best suited for them, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 diversity and inclusion consulting/service providers. These providers are transforming the HR tech landscape with their best-in-class services. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts and CXOs in the logistics sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their expertise.

We bring to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Companies

  • DBP is the corporate membership solution of Working Mother Media (WMM) that partners with the world’s most forward-thinking companies to build inclusive workplaces and maximize the business benefits of diversity and inclusion. DBP equips its member organizations with research, resources, benchmarking, publications, and events to help them devise strategies for implementing, growing, measuring, and creating first-in-class diversity programs. The entity acts as an extension to its client’s team and extends the support of its experts to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. As most organizations have small diversity and inclusion teams, DBP offers advisory hours to its clients on diversity strategy aspects. The company holds an immense experience of working with clients who are sophisticated in their diversity efforts as well as the ones who are newly beginning to incorporate it within their organization

  • Dream Builders Communication offers leadership development, organizational development, and D&I services to help people transform themselves and embrace D&I to grow in a more meaningful manner. DBC excels in helping companies break the communication barrier and speak to their employees with empathy at heart, which in turn, paves the way for fresh voices to emerge and prove their value at the decision-making table. To help them adopt inclusivity as part of their DNA, DBC provides proprietary tools for assessment, process improvement, and organizational development with an emphasis on leadership, D&I, and execution

  • Path Forward Consulting offers consulting, training, and coaching designed to align with clients’ needs and find solutions to their problems. The company is a rare breed in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) industry in that the company was founded by Allison Manswell who has lived twenty years of her life on each side of the fence. Allison has carefully knitted Path Forward’s services based on her previous experiences. Through consulting, Path Forward aims to understand the root cause of the clients’ challenges and the outcomes that they aim for

  • Revel IT helps companies address their talent pool disparities by employing a methodology and technology that ensures diversity of talent both within Revel’s 450+ consultant force and when providing recruiting services. Diversity is a core value of Revel. Revel combines advanced recruiting, candidate identification, and candidate matching technologies with experienced recruitment team professionals to attract diverse talent. Revel IT has partnered with a minority and woman-owned business, Level D&I Solutions, that is focused on providing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training, D&I consulting, and recruiting with a strong focus on diversity. Working in liaison, these two organizations help businesses obtain and retain diverse talent and improve working conditions for employees

  • BCT Partners

    BCT Partners

    BCT Partners is a national consulting firm that leverages deep subject-matter expertise, information technology, cultural competence, and a rigorous project and knowledge management methodology to help build capacity, drive efficiencies, enhance decision-making & improve outcomes. BCT delivers a full range of program management, research and evaluation, technical assistance, and information technology services. We specialize in the areas of housing and community development, economic development, workforce development, children and families, education, and health. We believe these domains collectively represent key components of any comprehensive community revitalization effort

  • Blue Ocean Brain

    Blue Ocean Brain

    Blue Ocean Brain delivers ongoing virtual soft skills learning to people, wherever they are. Flexible integration options allow you to turn your LMS, intranet, collaboration software and social channels into the dynamic learning destinations your people crave

  • Paradigm Strategy

    Paradigm Strategy

    Paradigm is a diversity and inclusion strategy firm that partners with leading technology startups and Fortune 500 companies to build stronger, more inclusive organizations. Paradigm’s approach is data-driven and evidence-based: by using data to identify barriers and designing solutions grounded in research, Paradigm helps its clients drive meaningful change

  • Russell Reynolds Associates

    Russell Reynolds Associates

    Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leadership advisory and search firm. Our 470+ consultants in 46 offices work with public, private and nonprofit organizations across all industries and regions. We help our clients build teams of transformational leaders who can meet today’s challenges and anticipate the digital, economic and political trends that are reshaping the global business environment. From helping boards with their structure, culture and effectiveness to identifying, assessing and defining the best leadership for organizations, our teams bring their decades of expertise to help clients address their most complex leadership issues. We exist to improve the way the world is led

  • Syntrio


    Syntrio provides high value, technology-based solutions that enable its customers to build and maintain winning corporate cultures. When companies get it right, risks are reduced, reputations are reinforced and results improve. We create a more engaged workforce - engaged in mission and value with employees that will do extra for their company

  • VRM University

    VRM University

    VRMU provides comprehensive business coaching, training and certifications for real estate professionals nationwide as well as fully customizable training designed for the needs of small businesses. From leadership, customer service, compliance or even software training, VRMU can develop a program specific to your business needs. VRMU has the training you need, wherever you may be. Our real estate training and business and leadership courses can be adapted to your specific training needs and can be delivered 24/7 through a variety of platforms